V2 Ultra Kukri Folder

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The V2 Ultra Kukri Folder

Although many companies have tried to adapt the classic Nepalese kukri to a folder format, Jason Knight's original Ultra Kukri was one of the very few to do it right. Not only was it ergonomically sound and fully functional, it actually had the unmistakable look of a true kukri. The V2 Ultra Kukri Folder faithfully maintains all of Knight's original design's key qualities while taking a step closer to perfection by incorporating a few subtle but crucial changes. Its blade is precision machined from Böhler-Uddeholm N690Co stainless steel and boasts a sophisticated grind consistent with Knight's coveted custom kukris. The grind's high, flat bevels begin with a gentle plunge at the ricasso and widen to a full flat near the point, creating a subtle distal taper. Broad fullers (grooves) on both sides start deep near the ricasso and shallow with the blade's distal taper. A raised ridge extends along most of the blade's spine, terminating far enough in front of the handle juncture to offer a smooth, comfortable thumb ramp. The clip is beveled on both sides to create a swedge that further enhances the blade's dramatic look and ensures a sharp point. Designed as a flipper opener, the V2's flipper also does double-duty as a highly effective lower guard.

The knife's handle is home to most of the improvements to the first-generation version capturing the classic lines and ergonomics of a traditional kukri through state-of-the-art materials and design. While the original's obverse-side scale was linerless, the V2's obverse scale has a nested, partial stainless steel liner to reinforce the structure around the components of the lock. The addition of this liner supports a pair of low-friction, ball-bearing washers around the pivot pin. Crafted with numerous handle variations the near-side scale is balanced by the reverse-side scale, which is beautifully machined from solid titanium and forms the basis of the knife's stout frame lock mechanism. To ensure a long service life, the lock bar includes an inset stainless steel interface that also serves as an overtravel stop. The relief cut for the lock release is even more generous than the first-gen version and noticeably more comfortable to operate. Designed for dedicated right-side, tip-up carry, the V2 Ultra Kukri features a short, low-profile clip secured by a stout single-screw another upgrade over the more extended two-screw clip of the original.

At 6.15 ounces (varies by variation), the V2 has significant heft but carries amazingly well. Its sturdy pocket clip, but drawing the knife is smooth and positive. The well-designed flipper is easy to index and works in concert with the blade's ball-bearing washers, perfectly tuned in 2017, and sub-180-degree opening arc to make swift openings a cinch. 
  • Model: V2 Ultra Kukri Folder  
  • Overall Length: 9.25”  
  • Blade Length: 4.40”   
  • Cutting Edge: 4.00" 
  • Blade Thickness: .16"
  • Blade Steel: N690   
  • Blade Style: Kukri  
  • Frame Lock Material: Titanium Grade 5 
  • Variations: Black G-10 with Black Blade, Black G-10 with Stonewashed Blade, Green Canvas Micarta with Black Blade, Green Canvas Micarta with Stonewashed Blade, Natural Canvas Micarta with Stonewashed Blade and Natural Canvas Micarta with Acid Stonewashed Blade     
  • Edge Type: Plain  
  • Clip Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pivot and Screws: Stainless Steel
  • Washers: Caged Bearings
  • Spacer: Black G-10
  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Country of Origin: Italy, by Fox Cutlery  

    Remarks: Canvas Micarta is not U.V. stable and will change color over time and this is simply the nature of the material.

Additional informations:
  • Black G-10 - Black Blade - Black Hardware, Pivot, Clip, handle and clip screws.
  • Black G-10 - Stonewash Blade - Satin Hardware, Pivot, Clip, handle and clip screws.
  • Green Micarta - Black Blade - Black Hardware, Pivot, Clip, handle and clip screws.
  • Green Micarta - Stonewash Blade - Satin Hardware, Pivot, Clip, handle and clip screws.
  • Natural Micarta - Stonewash Blade - Satin Hardware, Pivot, Clip, handle and clip screws.
  • Natural Micarta - Acid Stonewash Blade - Black Hardware, Pivot, Clip, handle and clip screws.

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